• Leading, Managing and Sustaining Organizational Change
  • Leadership Continuity (Succession) Planning
  • Dealing with the Human Side of a Merger or Acquisition
  • Organizational Audit (Assessment of organizational strengths and areas for development)
  • Employee Surveys (such as satisfaction, engagement, culture, etc.)


                                                      IMPLEMENTING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE EFFORTS

Change is hard.  It is even more difficult to sustain a change once it has been made.  Blanton Consulting has experience assisting leaders to lead and implement effective change efforts.  We can help leaders plan the change in ways that increase the likelihood of success.  We can also help with the change process itself, making sure that the change implementation “takes” and is sustained. 

The change model*we use addresses three levels of change:

·         The intellectual level – helping those affected by the change to clearly understand and buy into the need for change as well as clarifying exactly what the change requires in terms of actions and “mental models”.

·         The emotional level – dealing with resistance to change and enhancing motives to change.

·         The behavioral level – assuring that those who need to change have the skill necessary to implement the change.

In other words, any change effort must address the Head, Heart and Hands. This needs to be done simultaneously and throughout the process.

* Big Change at Best Buy: Working Through Hypergrowth to Sustained Excellence, by E. Gibson and A. Billings, Davies-Black Publishing.





                                      Seven capacities that organizations should develop during a financial downturn

(but would be good at any time)


1.      Keep strategy front and center

2.      Develop a strong Board that is active and aware

3.      Be disciplined in terms of cost management

4.      Communication authentically with employees

5.      Manage its reputation

6.      Enhance the customer experience

7.      Be involved in its community





Quick organizational self survey for organizational health



Our structure helps rather than hinders the decisions and actions most critical to our success.

1                                         2                                          3                                                4

Strongly                            Disagree                             Agree more                             Strongly

Disagree                            more than                         more than                                agree

                                           agree                                  disagree           



Individual understand their roles and accountability.

1                                         2                                          3                                                4



Our processes are designed to produce effective, timely decisions and actions.

1                                         2                                          3                                                4



The people in critical decision roles have the information they need when and how they need it.

1                                         2                                          3                                                4


Measures and Incentives

Our measures and incentives focus people on making and excuting effective decisions.

1                                         2                                          3                                                4



People understand their priorities clearly.

1                                         2                                          3                                                4


 Decision Style

We make decision in a style that is effective (for example, that appropriately balance inclusiveness with momentum).

1                                         2                                          3                                                4



We put our best people in jobs where they can have the greatest impact.

1                                         2                                          3                                                4



Our leaders at all levels demonstrate effective behaviors.

1                                         2                                          3                                                4



Our culture reinforces prompt, effective decisions and actions throughout the organization.

1                                         2                                          3                                                4



To get your total score, add up your individual scores.

·         More than 35 – You are doing great.  Keep it up.  You are in the top quartile of organizations

·         31-35 – Good, but room for improvement

·         26-30 – Organization has serious barriers to success

·         10-25 – Major organizational transformation is required.

Any score of 2 or less on an issue indicated that particular area needs attention.  

Survey adapted from The Decision Driven Organization by M. Blenko, M. Mankins and P. Rogers in Harvard Business Review, June 2010

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