Core Values


  • Integrity   I am committed to transparency and honesty and fairness in my relationships with clients. I promise to speak truth to power and give candid but constructive and compassionate feedback in order to aid my client’s growth.

  • Quality My solid education and training in human behavior combined with 20 plus years of business and practical life experience provide the underpinnings of competence.  It is, however, my deep commitment to excellence and constant improvement that guarantee quality work and client satisfaction.  

  • Service orientation I put the needs of clients first.  I am seen as highly reliable and responsive to client needs and concerns.  My goal is to aid the client’s ongoing learning and build internal capacity, not build dependency.

  • Continuous learning I review each assignment with the client on an ongoing basis to assess progress, impact and lessons learned.  My goal is twofold: to help clients reflect on their efforts in order to learn and build their capacity and to hone my own work to better serve clients

  • Confidentiality   Although many professionals promise confidentiality, there is no legal safeguard.  Because I am a licensed psychologist, my client holds “privilege” so that confidential information is legally protected.

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License CA #8107

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