Blanton Consulting (BC) can help you make the right decisions for your business:

  • Are we selecting the right people to succeed in critical roles?
    BC can help you select and promote the right people.
  • Are we equipping our leaders for the challenges and complexities of tomorrow’s world?
    BC can provide coaching, feedback and developmental activities to grow these leaders.
  • How can we accelerate the effectiveness and increase the likelihood of success for those in new roles?
    BC can accelerate the integration of newly hired and promoted executives into new roles.
  • Do we have the leaders who can lead our organization into the future?
    BC can develop high potential staff and build a strong executive bench.
  • How can we make this valued but faltering leader successful?
    BC can improve the performance of executives who are faltering in their leadership and/or teamwork.
  • Is our team working together as effectively as it needs to in order to plan and implement our strategies?
    BC can enhance the alignment and teamwork of the senior group.
  • How can we engage employees in the change effort, reduce resistance and build a culture that sustains the change?
    BC can help assure that your change initiative is implemented effectively.